I purchased the PDF but didn’t get an email.

  1.  Check your SPAM MAIL
  2. Wait 30 Min
  3. Email (use the contact form on the main page)   Include the version you purchased.

How to view the PDF on your device:

PC and MAC

  1. Download PDF from the email  (Remember where your downloaded it) –  You only have 3 attempts – anything more and you have to contact the support team (
  2. Use Adobe Reader to view   ( it’s free to use.


  1. First, make sure you’ve installed a PDF-viewing app that can actually save PDF files to your iPhone. Plenty are available in the App Store, but I recommend one of these four: iBooksKindleDropbox, or Google Drive.
  2. All set? Now, go ahead and open a PDF file on the web or in an email.
  3. If you opened the PDF in your iPad/iPhone’s Safari web browser, you’ll briefly see a pair of buttons at the top of the screen: “Open in…” and “Open in [name of app].” Tap the screen to make those buttons reappear, then tap the “Open in…” button. Did you open the PDF in the body of an email? If so, open the PDF, tap the Action button (the square one with the upward arrow) in the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Next, a menu of PDF-viewing apps will slide up from the bottom of the display. Tap the one you want to use, and the PDF file will open in the app of your choice.
  5. If you picked either iBooks or Kindle, the app will automatically be saved to your phone’s memory. To open the PDF again, just launch either app, then browse the “PDFs” section of your iBooks library or “Docs” in the Kindle app.
  6. For apps like Dropbox and Google Drive, make sure to save the PDF for “offline” viewing. In Dropbox, open the PDF, tap the three-dot menu button in the top corner of the screen, then tap Favorite. For Google Drive, tap the little “i” button next to the file’s name, then make sure the “Keep on device” setting is switched on.


  1. Download and install PDF Reader on your Android smartphone or tablet. You can download the app through the Google Play Store button below.
  2. Make sure that the PDF file is saved on your Android device.  (click on the link and download it)
  3. Navigate to the folder where the PDF file is saved on your Android device using any file manager and tap on it. PDF Reader will open up the PDF file. That’s it!


1.Locate your Send-to-Kindle email. This is a specific Kindle email address that is attached to each Kindle device or app. You can find your Kindle email address by visiting the ‘’’Manage your Devices’’’ page from your Amazon profile.

  • Login to your account. From there, click on the ‘’’Your Account’’’ button from the toolbar at towards the top of the page.
  • Scroll down the page until you see the ‘’’Digital Content’’’ section. Click on the ‘’’Manage Your Content and Devices’’’ link.
  • Now, you’ll see three tabs towards the top of the page. ‘’’Your Content’’’, ‘’’Your Devices’’’, and ‘’’Settings’’’. Click on the ‘’’Your Devices’’’ Tab.
  • Locate your Kindle and click on it. From there you’ll see some information. Your Kindle email will be displayed along with the type of Kindle you own, and the serial number.

2. Add a personal approved email to your account. In order to send emails to your Kindle and receive your files effectively, you need to make sure that the email you’re sending your PDF from is approved.

  • Navigate to the ‘’’Personal Document Settings’’’ page from your ‘’’Manage your Kindle Page’’’.
  • From the same page where you viewed your ‘’’Send-to-Kindle’’’ email, click on the third tab at the right, the ‘’’Settings’’’ tab.
  • In the settings tab from the ‘’’Manage Your Content and Devices’’’ page, scroll all the way toward the bottom of the page until you see the ‘’’Approved Personal Document E-mail List’’’ section.
  • Here you can see which email addresses you have already approved, and add a new email address if you wish.

3. Send your PDF as in an email. Now, simply open your email and address an new email to your Send-to-Kindle email address. Click the paperclip icon on your email to attach a file and locate your PDF.

  • If you want to automatically convert your PDF to Amazon’s .azw file type for better integration, type “convert” into the subject line.
  • You don’t need to include anything else in your email.
  • Make sure that the email you are sending your PDF from is on your approved list.


  1.  We will exchange out the product if you purchased the wrong guide.. (i.e.  bought the OTR one but needed the COTA one)
  2. Refunds – refunds are handled by a case by case basis. If you have any questions or concerns about your experience with, please contact us. However, all sales are considered final.


Every guide is embedded with a serial number to prevent piracy and sharing.  When purchasing the exam, you purchase one individual license to use the exam.  It’s not to be resold as it’s protected by the DMCA laws.  We track every purchase with the receipt given via E-Junkie and Paypal, so please be sure to not share this with anyone.  We reserve the right to prosecute to standards held by the DMCA laws.


NBCOT Exam Information

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