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Hello, I hope you find this guide useful. I used it back in 2016 and now I am gladly giving back as did many students who has passed the exams before me did. I helped with creating the practice questions and did some of the reviewing of items you should know!! I wish you luck in passing the exam and know this guide will be helpful for you too!!
Jonathan Berryhill
Jonathan Berryhill
Hello Y'all, Coming in from Texas here and I just want to say if you are looking for a great value in a study guide and want something extra to help you pass the OT or OTA exam, this is it. It's probably been said before, but I'll say it again, this guide is made by students who just passed or recently passed. We know what was on the exam. We make sure we put what you need to know so you have it displayed in front of you. While this isn't a full training course like the NBCOT site, it's the best add on resource to help you pass!! For the price, you can't beat it!! Good Luck in your Studies! Abigail Y OTR
Abigail Y.  OTR®
Abigail Y. OTR®
Hello, So I'm the oldie on the team being here over 5 years and have seen a great improvement in added material (Plus some great new practice questions!). I've met many past students who have used these guides to pass the OT and OTA exam and some who've helped us make these guides better. I stand by what we've created here and will tell you there is a lot to digest but it's worth the many nights, bus rides, lunch breaks and more reading the material. My favorite professor told me about this guide 7 years ago and now I tell every future exam taker about it as well. Please trust me in saying that this guide is well worth it. I wish you all good luck on becoming the next OT or OTA!! Erin Stringer, OTR
Erin Stringer
Erin Stringer

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I used this with the NBCOT practice exams and books. Great for making flash cards or even just reading on the train. Great value purchase!
Lee Patel
Lee Patel
I bought this study guide and used it for over 30 days before my exam. I went over it around 20 times and went through the practice questions around 5 times. I just got my results and I PASSED!!! Thank you!!
William V
William V
I have just retaken my test this spring and I scored way better than my previous score. I had this guide for only 30 days before my exam and I just want to say that I can't believe how well it worked.
Carrie P
Carrie P
Tempe, AZ
Thank you for answering my questions!! I have gone through most of the material and it's been pretty beneficial; I have spread positive comments about your product to a couple of my friends who are interested.
Crystal G
Crystal G
Chicago, IL
Being a cheap student, this and my school materials were the base of my studies.. it DID help me pass!!
Tommy P
Tommy P
I've been struggling with my studies and have to admit I wasn't the perfect student in some of my classes.. this helped so much on some of the material I wasn't strong in.. a must buy!! A+++
Melissa E
Melissa E
Jopin, Mo

What is covered?

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  • Exam Information
  • Board Certification of the Occupational Therapist / Assistant
  • Process of Occupational Therapy
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibilities
  • Development and Aging
  • Musculoskeletal System Disorders
  • Neurological System Disorders
  • Cardiovascular and Pulmonary System Disorders
  • Endocrine, Immunological  and Gastrointestinal Systems Disorders
  • Cognitive and Psychiatric Disorders
  • Neurological, Biomechanical , Cognitive, and Psychosocial Approaches
  • Evaluation and Intervention for Performance in Areas of Occupation
  • Mastery of the Environment: Evaluation and Intervention
  • Practice Exam

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My name is Kelcee and I’m the current editor for both OTStudyGuide.com exam preps.   I’ve been in this role for 2 years and managed the whole revamp of the guides including this website you see here.   The great thing about this is we are all mainly volunteers that are giving back to the occupational therapy student world.  I’ve have the pleasure of working with two of the original founders of this guide who started it way before all the other flashcards, websites and videos came out.   They both insisted I get the guide to help me pass my exam (OT  in 2015) and then to help out.   I started by helping with some questions but then the opportunity to be come the editor was offered and I jumped at the chance to do it.

I currently work in pediatrics but I’m aiming to be an OT professor, oh how I do love to teach.  So enough about me and more about these guides.   So people ask why buy a guide made from students who passed?   Well the obvious answer is because they know what it takes to pass since they just passed the exam!!   They know what was on the exam plus they just went through all of the teachings in school.  So who better to put down what you need to know?

I know there might be better study books,  website training and courses but for what you get for $30 dollars is such a bargain that you can get a training course and still get this to supplement your studies.   There is so much to learn and remember, so having that extra resource is such a huge benefit to passing.   We have had over 2000 happy people who have downloaded and used these guides.  Why not you?    Feel free to send feedback and please don’t hesitate to volunteer?   Pay it forward!!

Thank you,

Kelcee Thomas OTR


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